Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This photo is the result of my experiment with scanning old photos unto the computer. Getting better and better every day. Here's a poem written about the time the photo was taken or shortly thereafter:

I catch a vision glorious
Astride a star I soar
Wondrous sight indeed
Man ages past and ages gone
Hand in hand, man and God
Through pristine earth did stride.

I catch a vision ponderous
Into dreaming sleep we fell
We lost the sight of Light
Ourselves unreal became
Preferring sleep to beauteous Light
In realms where angels sing
Man's deeds as Son of God
Divinely one with all.

I catch a vision glorious
A new song now we sing
Time to come when space is not
We wake from sleep ourselves to know
As one with the all
We share the Light.

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