Monday, September 12, 2011

Changing Your Life is Not that Hard

It may seem that making changes to your life and creating happier times may be out of the question. Trust me, it is not; is easy to change your life with a little commitment to doing the five simple steps outlined in this article. Over the span of this life time, I have seen these steps work wonders in the life of quite a few people, and they have worked for me.

Most people live their lives at the level of the throng, going along to get along, never soaring although dreams of excellence dance in their heads. Life is meant to rise above the ordinary and become extraordinary in not to be mired in the swamps of mediocrity. That is not to say that everyone must be a Hollywood star or a famous athlete. What is demanded by life is to be a victor right where you are everyday. To that end, I have proposed five ways to that place of victory and happiness. 

Life gives to everyone opportunities to make basic changes and engage with life in a new manner, a manner that allows us to feel happy more often; and be victorious most of the time. Most of us fail to see those opportunities; and continue in the same way; doing life as we have always done; not knowing we could have changed if we simply paid attention. Sometimes we notice a point in our past that could have us down a different, more satisfying road only after they are gone. The following five steps will allow you to see the turning points as you are in them. In following these steps your life will be happier and bring you more satisfaction than without them.

  •  Become aware of the people in your life who bring you down. You know that ‘friend’ who after you talk with them, you feel slightly depressed. That is no friend. That is someone you want to share only small things with. Never give that person the details of your plans, nor share your dreams with them. They will only tell you how it can’t be done. Keep your business to yourself.
  • Have a definite plan of where you want to be in specific periods of time. That is; know what you want to be doing in a week, a month, and a year and so on. Make the plan as large and grand s your heart desires. Once you have this in your mind, write it down. Keep the note in a place where you can look at often. Make a list of your hopes and dreams.
  • Make an affirmation about your dreams. For example; say you want a new job your affirmation could be “I am enjoying my new job now.” It may seem far fetch, but it works. Then every day you look out for the opportunities to change jobs. Rewrite your resume, check out the want ads and imagine the interview which will bring you that new job. Give life to your dreams.
  • Seek out people who are doing what you dream of doing. Being with others who are the positions you want to be in, will help you see how it is. Your thinking will begin to change and this helps you to be more of what you dream of being.
  • Stick to your guns. It may not seem to be working at first, but it does work. Keep your dreams firmly in your mind, especially when your present life makes you irritated or angry. Let those situations be a reminder to you to double your effort to change. Be persistent in following your dreams.
Follow those simple steps and the changes you are dreaming of making will find you in ways you will say is a miracle.