Monday, July 13, 2015

It Has To Drop (Part 1)

There is a growing number of us seeking spiritual answers to the questions pose by the lives we live every day. There are as many books, religions, groups, meetings, conclaves, retreats, and teachings as there are seekers, or so it seems. Because there are seeming differences among the various paths; although a close look will reveal their striking similarities; it presents some difficulty in deciding upon a path or teaching that is just right. The allure of instant manifestation is held by some; while the plodding process of years of study is proffered by others. What is a seeker to do; how to select the right one; and what if after years of "work" with one set of principles one finds out that they have made the wrong decision and was going backwards all along? Our expanding consciousness is demanding we make a choice and expand within it. The solution and the only answer lays in the heart. The heart is the place where all the right answers lay, and all questions are resolved to the satisfaction to the seeker. There is only one person who truly knows the heart and that is the owner of that heart.

Much is said in sacred text concerning the heart being the center of all experience, and the core of being. This heart with which we are here concerned is not so much the physical heart, as it is the heart of consciousness. At the heart of our conscious­ness stands a vastness that is awesome in its beauty, truth, love, grace and wisdom. This seat, or center of who we are in reality, knows which teaching or teacher to follow to develop all the faculties we need to negotiate this world or any other. Learning to trust the impulses coming from this center is basically what all the seeking is about. Leaning to be guided by our inner sage is what we are after

Words are the tools we use to understand experience. That has been the way of humanity for so long, and now has become popular culture. What people do when they are uncertain about anything is to talk about it, and invite others to talk with them about it. There are talk shows, talk radio, talk sessions, talks with one's boss, talks with one's children, parents, siblings, mates, and even bus drivers. There is always talk. Most of the paths being proffered to the seeker today depend upon talk. There are speakers who give talks, sessions where participants talk, and self talk. With all this talking going on, one wonders who is actually listening. There are so much words to describe states, and as one listen to all this talk, the words begin to build up, in the only place that words are stored, in the mind. Yet whenever quiet thoughts are given to the content of all these words, the experiences described are seldom encountered in the daily rush to satisfy life in all its demanding ways.  
(Continued in part 2)