Thursday, July 23, 2015


Back in the early days of my expanding consciousness, I would read ‘New age’ books, go to seminars and learn as much as I could about what exactly is a spiritual being and how I could become more of one. I had one caveat concerning the material I processed. It was if a concept or teaching did not square with the words of Jesus, I’d simply leave it alone. Now I know those concepts that I bypassed in the early days stayed within my consciousness and grew to broaden and expand me beyond where I thought I could go. Gradually I’ve come to expand my belief system and now Jesus stands in the background loving me and mine and I don’t have to square everything with his recorded words, distorted as they are.

The thing I admire most about Jesus is his steadfastness. While on earth he never seemed to weaver as I often do. One day I was mulling over how to remain as consistent as he was, so I asked the question, probably out loud, “how did Jesus do it? How did he remain so consistent?

Passing the book shelves a few minutes later, a slim blue covered book caught my eye. I plucked it from the shelf and flipped it open randomly. It was a White Eagle book, one of my favorite teachers. The first words on the page read “You have often wondered how Jesus did what he did. He never took his eyes off the Father…”

Over the years since that incident I’ve had many such moments. Something on the radio or in a conversation would provide the exact answer to whatever question I had in my mind. Some hint, a word, or a casually thrown remark would start me wandering off through the dictionary or the library and give me the next clue in my ongoing quest to know more about the spirit within me, to  grow spiritually. All of this leads me to trust the moments of serendipity and extreme synchronicity that appear even when I am not looking.