Monday, July 20, 2015

What It Means To Be Spiritual

   Being spiritual is not an act, nor is it a lifestyle, neither can it be said to be an affiliation. Being spiritual is a state of being, without words, signs, symbols, rituals, ceremonies or any outward trappings to say one is being spiritual. Because Spirit is everywhere and in everything all beings are spiritual. Thus the question shapes up to be a sort of misnomer, in that spirit can only be itself, its nature, which is spiritual. Every act, every thought, any and all expressions are spirit and therefore spiritual. 
            The religions of the planet have co-opted the role of spirit in the lives of the individuals in order to control and acquire more power to control more lives. Most religions believe they have the right to control every aspect of the lives of their adherents. The main reason for this is the recognition that there is a longing within the human psyche to bond with other human beings and be creative and peaceful. This longing for union, religions and the religious have mistaken for uniformity. This is not being spiritual but rather this is denying the very spirit seeking to express itself uniquely.
            Being spiritual means understanding that within each and every human breast lives a divine spark which is a part of the larger Light we sometimes call God. This spark endows us with the power to direct our own lives and create peace and harmony within our worlds. Once we begin to acknowledge that the Divine Light within our own hearts is the same Divine Light within everyone, we begin to respect and honor we do our very selves. That’s the golden rule come to life within the crucible of human relationships and interactions. 
            Being spiritual means extending goodwill toward all, and not only at Christmas. Goodwill simply means being kind, caring and sometimes according simple courtesy to those with whom we interact everyday. It is our actions which denote the extent to which our innate spirituality is expressed the active force in our consciousness.
            Being spiritual is taking responsibility for our thoughts and our deeds. It is the knowing that because we are a part of the Divine Light, we are infinitely creative beings. Being spiritual is to trust this knowing and to act upon the infinite wisdom which comes with being a conscious part of the Divine Light.  And lastly, being spiritual is loving and loving and loving every day and every night.