Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our Transformation

The time is now for us to transform.  Everyone is saying that and there is a knowing deep within all of us that this is true.  Some of us want one more beer before they can decide to transform, lest the transfor­mation does not include alcoholic beverages. But it is my belief that what lay on the other side of the transformation will pale into insignificance all that we term pleasures now. We will be so entranced with our creativity, it think it will take at least an age before we get used to the idea of our thoughts manifesting right before our eyes with no time lag. That is termed 'instant manifestation'. Just to name one of the delights in store for those who enter into the grand transfor­ma­tion. 

I also believe to be among those who transform from human to full Humanhood, all that is necessary is to be willing to do so. This willing­ness calls to the surface of consciousness what must be laid aside and what must be cultivated by each individual.  And each individu­al is unique in how the layers of ages old misconceptions are peeled away. There are no hard and fast rules that say, one must hang on a cross, or go to the wilderness, or fast, or sit in the lotus position, or get manicured and tonsured, or any of the rules humans would impose. No human being knows exactly what is needed for another. When the transforma­tion takes place, the human becomes fully human, and full human beings do not impose rules on others.  Of that I am certain. The one we know of who demonstrated the transformation left no rules whatsoever; not a one. 

The time is now for us to transform.