Monday, August 3, 2015

The Silence and The Stillness

More and more the soundless sound has engulfed me. I hear it not only in my ears,but my throat, my eyelids, my feet, the tips of my fingers and toes. It surrounds me like a billion points of Light. There is no point in space unoccupied by this sound. It holds a song with no melody. It is most melodious in its utter consistency. The sound creeps into my silent moments and sings to a crescendo of love and loving. It courts my desires, coaxing the most latent of these desires to the front of my awareness, causing me to know myself. It pervades my world, receding as I listen to the echoes of things tangible, only to return at th exact place it left off when tangible sounds recede. The more I attempt to describe what is indescribable, the louder more insistent the soundless sound becomes. It often feels, in its insistence that I  know it. It is as though it were being made by the very air around me. It is this soundless sound that gathers up around me in the nightly electric show which announces my sleep.  The crackly and eventual pop of static electricity can be detected within this soundless sound. Only as it activate my pre-sleep awareness is the sound audible to my outer ears. Then the sound is the touch of billions of points of light touching my skin, my bones,my very heart. It takes on the cadence of whatever rhythmic sound is in the far away distance, echoing to my soul everlasting LOVE.

I wrote the above way back in 1999 on the back of a worksheet I used for work. The experience I had then, I have often now. It is the difference between the Silence and The Stillness. The Silence is the absence of sound, while the Stillness is an electric feeling when every cell in my body seems to be listening to the voice of Love. The feeling is sublime. Words, which implies sound, are inadequate to describe what it is. It must be experienced to be known. I am privileged to have such an experience. It must be spirit.