Sunday, September 13, 2015


Wrapped within any strong belief are many other strains of belief which are hardly noticed but which impact the life of the believer. Within my fear of wealth lay also my dread of intimacy. I enjoy the company of others, including those of the opposite gender, but have allowed only a select few to get intimate on a level I crave.  I know it is silly, as knowledge of another is not the weapon to harm that I was trained to believe it is, but a way of cementing the Oneness of which we are all a part.  Yet, I maintain relation­ships that are far from that closeness that I repeatedly say I want.   

As I looked at the fear of money which was buried so deep, I hardly knew it was there, I also saw another fear that of being intimate with another, for fear it will reveal the true persona that is hidden under all the wonderful words. Then the other would find out that there is a monster in me. Well here and now I release that fear as well. I allow more intimate relationships with those I know now and those who I will meet in the future.  So what if they discover things about me that they do not like? Where there is love the small foibles will be overlooked. I have been given enough grace to overlook the foibles in others. Certainly the Giver of grace has equally endowed those with whom I become intimate.

The Holy Spirit works miracles everyday when allowed. The major miracle that worked within my experience is that of a changed perspective. Over the years there have been many such changes. There were the positions I took that seem so foolish to me now, if I give them any thought at all.  Because of this on-going correction I know that today I will see more clearly.   

The purpose of clear vision is to behold the living God within every living thing. That calls them to behave more like their true nature and therefore calls the Kingdom of Heavens to appear here on earth that much sooner.  And is that not the essence of the journey, to establish the Kingdom of Heavens here on earth?  The promise, in all the sacred writings that I have encountered, is that the Kingdom of Heavens must at some point be established here on earth. Did not the Guru Master Person teach us to pray for the coming of that Kingdom?  This is the perfect day for the Kingdom to come within my own experience and it so will. 

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