Friday, September 4, 2015

Spiritual Discipline

For the longest time, the ego or human personality has thought itself to be quite alone in the Universe; having to struggle under the law of the jungle to survive. In case we have forgotten the law of the jungle is summarized as “dog eat dog”. I do believe that law has been repealed. Now humanity is to be introduced to a new way of being, a new law, the law of Love. To the ego this new way feels very much like death.
There is a way to introduce the ego to the larger arena in which it has being and bring it into communion with the Inner Being. This may be done in such a manner as to allow the ego to corporate with the Greater Being of which it is a part. This gentle introduction will minimize resistance, and still maintain the ego’s integrity. This is done through the practice of a Spiritual Discipline.
Spiritual Discipline is a method or methods of communing with the Spirit within each and everyone. It is not necessarily the types of discipline that are so described by and particular religions, groups, sects, teachings or cults. It is whatever method an individual uses to commune with the Inner Being. It must always be approached with reverence and love. When so approached Spiritual Discipline will always provide a new measure of peace when it is practiced. To be effective it must be done daily so that the ego grows accustomed to living in communion with its Maker.

 Whenever we slip into a reverie we are in communion with our Inner Being. The call now is to commune with conscious intent. Not to be overtaken by communion as it were in a reverie. This communion takes place under different circumstances for each one of us. For some people walking puts them in a state of communion. For others running, riding a bicycle, swimming, pumping iron or merely sitting under their favorite tree can bring them to communion. For others still it could be doing repetitious task, or drinking tea. Whatever practice triggers the reverie can lead to a state of active conscious communion with the Inner Being.
In certain circles this active, conscious communion called meditation. There are people who practice daily meditation. For those who have not yet begun to consciously commune with the Inner Being it may seem a long way from falling into reverie every once in a while to get to the place where meditation is done daily. This is not necessarily true. With a willing attitude and the aid of the Inner being, a daily meditative practice may become quite the norm within weeks.  
There are certain markers to indicate we are in a state of communion with the Inner Being. The most obvious of which is a sense of balance and equanimity. The world in which we live is replete with stressors to disturb the peace we so long to attain. Having a Spiritual Discipline will restore this peace which is described as ‘the peace which passes all understanding’. In other words, with its practice the response to stressors will not be stress. It can be an unruffled composure which will astonish friends and family. As the discipline becomes a habit, the result will be a life of steady peace. This is an attractive feature for any human being to have. Others will want to know how such and such a situation did not cause an upset. How can you remain so calm when the ‘sky is falling'? This state of being in harmony with the self may be attained by everyone and is readily available with the daily practice of a Spiritual Discipline.
Put your moments of reverie to work toward your ultimate expansion into the Light!