Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Intensifiction of The Flow

As the energy intensifies toward the end of this year, I am experiencing an increase in the awareness of the Presence of the Living Christ within my being that is electrifying. I fairly tingle every moment, and seem to be bursting at the seams with this grand energy.  It is drawing us into the light. We must now enter that light and become whole in mind, soul and body. Only whole beings can experience all that is available for us to experience. There is a Universe of Love awaiting our recognition to pour into and around us this very moment.

This love sits patiently within the heart of every human being on the planet and asks to be acknowledged as the Source of all life.  Once this acknowledgement is given, love rushes into every event, every experience and lifts everyone concerned into a higher vibratory octave where pain does not exist. The more we experience this painless existence the less pain there will be available to be experienced. Joy is the natural outcome of this shift in vibratory level. What a world we are creating even now, albeit unwittingly.

Something is telling me that the rapid, grand change coming to the world will not be long in its appearance. Truth is some of that change is evidenced right now.  I know that if one listens to the news reports or reads the newspaper, the appearance is that of a world falling apart.  And I hope that it is falling apart. The world, as it exists in the mind of humanity today, is not a very enticing place to live.  

Within the seemingly unpleasant world we see daily is the true world. One filled with beauty, grace, love, peace, kindness, gentleness and goodness for all of the inhabitants of the planet. Not the chosen few who experience the world's bounties now, while the great majority live in want. But bounty for all, and I do mean all, the inhabitants of the planet!  We tend to think that the goodness of the world may only be experienced from a material level. Within that very material experience is a finer more sublime experience waiting to be had by those who choose to see with the eyes of Spirit. And remember we are first and foremost spirit. The physical us is the very smallest corner of our whole beings.

I am so very happy that we are waking up. It lifts my heart with the grandest hope just to be able to think these thoughts, transmit them to this computer, and know that you will be reading them. Yes, as I write you are on and in my mind.  There is only one mind, and we are it!  

I know that you would not be reading this if you were asleep! To the sleeping this seems like the purest of drivel. Yet it is making sense to you. That is your signal that indeed you are becoming wide awake. What a grand day that will be when we open our eyes and behold the beauty that we are. We are going to be astonished, surprised by all that we are. Then we will wonder what took us so long.  Never mind the time we spent in the earth sleep. Now that we are awakening, we can be joyful and give thanks that the sleeping over for ever and ever.   

We will never sleep again, and remember, never is a long, long time.  

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