Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Greater Peace

There are times when I willfully inhabit the energy of anger.  At those times, the anger clothes me to the exclusion of reason and Peace. I ask of this anger, why are you here? Its reply is an intensity that seeks to shatter my mind, breaking it into little pieces whose jiggered edges are to similar to reassemble. It places me in a space that is reactive; feeds upon my reactions, turning upon myself it destructive ways. This anger is objectless, fueled by frustrations that had gone unnoticed for days on end. Within the throes of this anger, I experience powerlessness and amnesia; forgetting that Peace is ever present, and wishes to soothe my perceived hurt places.

The presence of Peace within my life has many faces. There are concerns waiting for my attention; yet it is almost impossible for me to give my attention to them. This moment feels so potent, that the facts of existence can find no entrance within it. The thoughts held within these concerns float towards my mind and melt in the awesome light of the Peace. Before now it would have been quite easy to take any one of these thoughts and chew it over within my mind, seeking its solution. There is a knowing within me that forbids such an action. This knowing, which is a gift from Peace, says: ‘it is well with my soul, my body, my mind and my affairs. Spinning situations over and around in my mind often hide form my knowing the very solutions I seek, and Peace would give to me.

This place of unrest was chosen as a habitation in moments of self confidence by the personal me, who thought it had power and can dwell serenely in any situation by its own strength. The personal me believed it is strong and valiant, having experienced the valiance and strength of the Greater Self.  The anger finds the personal me an unworthy opponent. With little or no effort the anger completely occupies its mind. With anger at the helm the personal me lashes out and rails at perceived injustices, claiming righteous indignation. The personal me sits within the mighty onslaught of the force of this anger whimpering, weeping tears of frustration, unable to extricate itself. Spent form gnashing its teeth, the personal me calls with the faintest of whispers for rescue and release.  That cry, the last voice of desperation is answered and the Greater Portions of Being beams the light of Peace; a balm to my battered mind.

Peace, the gift endowed within the light given me at the dawn of creation, enters my mind without recriminations. There are no ‘I told you sos‘ to remind the personal self of the folly it chose when it thought it could go it alone. There is only balm for the mind, salves to soothe the places visited by hurt, and bandages of love to hold the shattered pieces together. The bruising suffered by the mind are scarlessly healed the instant Peace entered. The miracle of wholeness is revealed; the wonder of the whole self known. The memory of the battering fades in swift retreat as light, the forerunner of Peace, shines away that which had no source. The melting ferocious anger leaves instantly. Peace fills my mind with the trailings of Peaceful sonnets, songs of joy bubble up within my soul. The newness of my moment fills me with awe and majesty. It resounds into eternity and Love holds me safe, protected from all ills.

I am Peace.