Saturday, October 17, 2015

Little Ego

Finished the second day of retraining for the privilege of being a prayer chaplain at Unity North. Met some new friends and enjoyed some old ones. It was good to be reminded that when we pray we are speaking with the Universal Force that is always available, and always agrees with our hearts desire. When we stand with another human being in invoking this loving energy, we ourselves are energized by that act. I am grateful to be a part of such a powerful force for good in this world.

Had to take a nap as as the training started early for me. Now, keeping with the pledge to myself of posting a blog every day, it is time to cull from the poetry folder. This Poem 23. I meant to click on 24 but the little arrow obeyed a higher force and chose this one. Please enjoy. The poem is in keeping with the theme for the day.

Little Ego

Come little ego, come into the light
The Christ loves you, with all God’s might
Come little ego,
Come have sight
The love you feel, is the Love that heals
We are awakened
Awakened we be
Come little ego, come be free

Live in the moment
This moment awaits
Splendid and glorious
Oh come for God’s sake

Here in the new now,
Step right in
Know the great power
Rising from within
Come little ego,
Come be true
The Christ has opened new vistas for you
To play within the light so bright
Singing songs of freedom’s hue
Sing your songs of hope and delight
Sing until man has regained true sight.

Come little ego
Come and be free.