Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Gloaming

I'm in a poetic frame of mind. So I went to the folder marked poems and culled one called Alone, and wrote another called The Gloaming. Here is my offering of poetry to you.


We walked down the road apiece
You and I
Touching shoulders, lives entwined
Good times and bad
Our lots we shared
As we walked down the road apiece.

Now down the road I walk alone
No shoulder touching mine
Our ways parted at the fork
Separate roads to walk
You to travel lands unknown
Me still to trod the earth's terrain.

I loved you while we walked together
I love you now, though you're not here
To bare the dust and grit and grime
Of the road we shared
Remembering this brings thoughts of joy
And memories of tears.

To know as only I can know
To bear my cares alone
Sans sweet sounds of your footfalls
As I walk down the road apiece


The gloaming silently ushering twilight,
Twilight the harbinger of darkness of night,
Within the warm fecund womb of sleep
Where dreams await.

I breathe deep the essence of the gloaming
Finding  new peace, new grace,
Within the folded light
Dimming and dappling leaving
Glimpses of love
Paving my path through the day.

Twilight calling me home.