Thursday, October 22, 2015

The River

My untrammeled life flows, a river of live, streaming into the arms of my Creator God, the Father of lights, the Mother of peace. I bring t my home the gifts of an expanded awareness gained from living in the body. Along the way, the flow of me has touched many states, swirled over differing circumstances, learning from each one a newness to add to the Greater Whole. The bright luster of each encounter caused the light within my soul to glow, shining ahead of my flow, making the way smooth. The memories I take with me are love’s sharing of itself with each breath I take. Every move I make is carefully tended by the all seeing eye of the Creator God who has commanded angels to watch over me.

Gratitude streams from me at the sight of the wonders vested in me by the Creator whose only intent is to love me forever. I savor the moments of the days I spend in this dress of flesh, though at times it may appear to be limited. The life of me is stretched far beyond the appearances I make in bodies of flesh. Yet, I am grateful for each body, as from each I experience varying facets of the great light that I am. The psalms of gratitude borne within me are notes in the greater song of thanksgiving within the wide Universe I know as God.

The banks of the river, which is my life, flow across verdant plains of unceasing joy. There are not gaps, not missing links in my connection with the unfailing Source of me. The flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees growing graciously along the banks of this mighty river are the fruits of peace on which birds and babies feed. The times of change give the appearance of the end of the river, as I release one body to claim another. Yet there awaits the ocean of conscious love, at the end of my appointed course to welcome into itself as itself.

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