Monday, November 16, 2015

A Process for Restoration

For the first time in this new season of faith, I’m feeling the creeping fingers of doubt. This doubt has been hidden within my consciousness, fed by external events. Now it seeks to blossom into fear which I cannot allow. I breathe and the reminder comes with the breath. There is only God. With every breath the presence of God becomes stronger and stronger within my awareness. I relax. My faith is strengthened. God’s love for me, and the bounteous provision held within that love, takes center stage within my awareness. 

I choose peace, not as the world gives peace, but the peace which passes the world’s understanding. The love which lives within me has already overcome the world’s oppressing conditions. Therefore, that love holds a plan for my existence. That plan transcends my opinion of the how things ought to be and places my feet on the higher ground of harmony and grace.
Now, there is no place within my consciousness for the fretful or the disturbing. I am within the mind of God and I cannot be separated from that which is mine to have and be. I breathe again and know that my days are ordered by love and my place is secure. The overwhelming aura of peace pervades my mind with each breath.The external events, that triggered doubt, are placed in their proper relationship to the internal events. 

The inner truth prevails, my faith is restored.