Saturday, November 28, 2015


A large part of the plan, for our ultimate transformation, is the amnesia we embraced upon our advent into bodies. In order to fully experience our physical environment, which we created in conjunction with the Oversoul; we intentionally chose to to forget we are more than the bodies we wear, the thoughts we think and the feelings we have. We are on the verge of changing all of that forever. 

The often causeless excitement we feel speaks of a foreknowledge of what is to come. The times when we seem unable to contain ourselves; the times when anticipation for event which we cannot name holds our imagination; these are the times which indicate to us that there is more to us and our world than meets the eye. 

During those times we sense that our world is on the cusp of a great transformation; and that somehow what we do is of moment to that transformation. These are the times we brush the edges of our grandeur and divinity, if only for a moment. At such times, we tend to take refuge within the familiar; folding our mounting excitement within words which, though they may describe what we are experiencing, fail to speak to the depth of our nature. The plan, we have so long sought, without quite knowing what we were seeking,  is making its presence known to our conscious mind.

We are awash with the ripples it sends before itself.