Thursday, November 12, 2015

The End of An Age

The end of the age is a very exciting time to be alive in a body. Experiencing the end of the age from the point of view from a body exposes one to feelings of vulnerability that is not possible without a body. It is my belief that the beings living within the bodies we see are eternal, cannot be harmed, and will ultimately find their way home to love. This love undergirds every aspects of life, and is the substance of what we know as life. Because life and love are indestructible, and because we are eternal beings we are in for the long haul.  There is nothing that can cause us to be separated from that which formed us.  We do give it the old college try, and in the embrace of the earth sleep we often think that we are alone, isolated on this small planet with nowhere to go and nothing to be but destroy what sustains us.  That is not the truth. We are not alone, never were we alone, because we cannot see the hordes of helpers all around does not make us alone, it merely makes us blind.  But our eyes are opening, one individual at a time, and as we open our eyes what we see brings such joy and delight, we want to run out and forcible open the eyes of others.  This we may not do, but we are indeed privilege to call the sleepers to open their eyes and see the infinite beauty of Gods wonderful creation.

All of that has led me to write about the vicarious salvation that is the basic tenet of some religion. That is to say, there is a being that either lived here on this earth, or is coming to live on this earth that is willing to do the work of transforming the earth and its inhabitants. That is not possible. Each being on the earth is a unique, sovereign individual created in the image and likeness of the Great Creator God. No other being outside of the individual is permitted to interfere with the life path of another. To save us from our mis-creations would be to interfere with our life path, and that would be a violation. Thus there will not be a savior in the manner religions have expressed one will come. There are, however, helpers; those who have lived and shown us the way out of our individual and collective dilemmas.  Because we have chosen to live to the hilt the role of victims; those who have lived and shown the manner in which to transform we worship as the only ones who can. But now is the moment in the annals of our greater becoming when we must make the choice to release the role of victims, and march on into eternity wearing the regal robes of our divinity. Victims cannot rule, and it is our destiny to rule our worlds, and conqueror ourselves, moving beyond the boundaries we have described for ourselves, and astonish ourselves with our grandeur, beauty and our love. 

I am willing to start today.