Saturday, November 14, 2015

The New Earth

Quote: Then I saw "a new heaven and a new earth," for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. (Revelation 21:1 Christian Bible)

The emergence of the new earth is such an exciting thing, and the part we all play fills me with great joy. Why, there are times when I can hardly contain myself. I want to shout to anyone who will hear that we are changing. I know that the changes have been foretold, and some have even chronicled what they believed to be the changed humanity. But folks it is now. Right this very minute we are emerging from the chrysalis of the earth sleep into the dawn of full humanhood. 

We may think that we are the same that our lives will go on with its monthly bills, its television commercials, its churches, temples, mosques and meeting halls; but before we know it all of what we call our world will be no more. What will take its place will be a planet full of conscious the sons and daughters of the Living God. Can you feel the excitement?  I can! It bubbles up within me and gathers up as static electricity at night when I go off to sleep. It causes me to jump and shout with no provocation that others can see. I am awash with the tides of this incoming love, and I do want to share it with everyone. 

There are moments like now, when the intensity of the Transformation is so strong within me that everything else stands still in the presence of the high velocity of the reconstructing energy that is flooding the earth.  And those who are in the invisible are experiencing the same excitement. Only I think their expression is far more contained than mine is. It is once in an age a planet and its inhabitant transcend the material plane and is planted in the realms of love and light.  But it is splendid! 

If we could, for a few moments every day, give all our attention to this magnificent event, we would cause the force of it to accelerate and thereby hasten the advent of this remarkable birth. We are accustomed to thinking of birth as being painful, as all the births we have seen or heard about have been thus. Also the social consciousness has conditioned us to believe there must be a tribulation of some sort before this birth can take place.  I am convinced that we can avoid the painful aspects of this procedure, if we choose now to focus our attention on the love that is behind the process. 

I am totally committed to being in the thick of the Transformation and fully expect it to be a joyful af­fair.