Sunday, December 13, 2015


Today at church, Unity Atlanta North, we incorporated several songs and prayers from the world religions. Although we are a community seated in the traditions of Jesus Christ, we embrace tenets from other religions in our services. It warmed my heart to be with a group of believers who are interested in taking the best of the Faith Traditions and learning how to grow our consciousness with them in mind.

So I got to thinking about faith. Faith is described in the Christian Bible as the “evidence of things not seen.” Evidence is the foundation of our scientific community. Proof must always be something tangible, quantifiable and solid. But faith is none of those. Knowing in the heart is not something one can measure. It is not found on a balance sheet; nor can it be used to bolster one’s stock portfolio. So why mention it at all?

I am within a larger group of humans who believe faith is all we need to have. We hold it as a self evident truth that we are spirit first, then flesh. Our spirit part is greater than our flesh part. It was not born, nor will it die. We have faith that our fellow humans have a core of goodness that no behavior can change. We have faith that we, as humans, are connected to one another and to the cosmos as a whole. We live our individual and collective lives based on this faith.

I am a person of faith.