Tuesday, December 15, 2015


As I ponder my connection with the universe; it is an amazing thought that one individualized spark of the love creating the universe, can sit and contemplate its connection, and come to the place of knowing the truth of that connection.

I have not laid aside the quest for a language that speaks only of oneness. It is uppermost in my mind; every time I muse it is the substance of my musings. I had this thought years ago and relegated it to the background; as I sought to experience for myself this Oneness as a continuing experience, uninterrupted, sustained through even the most mundane of tasks

This I have not yet achieved. Yet there are instances where this knowledge of the Oneness of all life pervades my awareness for long stretches. When that occurs, I find a peace that is remarkable and a joy that there are no words to describe. The mesmeric attraction of the physically manifested world would sneak in and I would surrender this awareness for petty irksome situations. My prayer is that I may maintain this conscious­ness of my eternal connections no matter what bauble the world throws up in front of me. That is called seeing true, and knowing that even in the distracting bauble there is the active presence of the purest love.

I am that love.