Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Power Heals

Religion has taken all the attributes of humanity and magnified them to the ultimate degree and placed them on God. Thus we find in religion a God who is vengeful, wrathful, mean, spiteful, warring, kind, just, merciful, humble, giving and very loving. All of these characteristics are within humanity. Because humanity thought it could only go so far and no further, it then formulated a God with these traits and worshiped that God. Within us lay the ability to be Divine. We hear it calling us to meet ourselves and be our highest. We feel great strains of compassion and then look sheepishly around to see if we are being observed transcending ourselves. We feel love springing up within us as we look into the eyes of a child and wonder if we are not secret pedophiles. We hear music and melt inside of ourselves, then look at our collective shoes to see if puddles are forming at our feet.

All of these transcendent feelings are evidence of the innate divinity within each, and every one, of us; urging us to awaken and grow into the very same God, we were worshiping. This makes us very powerful beings indeed. We are so very afraid of this power. We are not used to seeing power used to benefit. Therefore we collectively think that power is harmful and to be avoided at all costs. Power heals. 

Power is the manifesta­tion of the Force which is Almighty God, the only power in the universe. It in no way can harm, not ultimately. Oh, we have all seen power being abused by those in authority. Remember they could not be in authority over us, if we had not abdicated our own power to them in the first place. We are Divine beings with the power to choose the types of existence we experience. It has always been thus, and will always be thus. Therefore we must awaken to this magnificent power within ourselves and use that power to create the types of existence we know is wholesome and beneficial to the greater whole.