Friday, December 4, 2015

The Forming

There is a center to everything formed. This center is absolutely perfect; it contains within itself all the compo­nents for the form it is to become in  completed perfection.  In order for an object to be formed, it must follow a path we'll call The Forming.  It leaves the center, which is formless and travels along The Forming to its ultimate goal, that of bringing out a perfected form. That object can be a pea, a dog, a flower, a car, a leopard, a tree, or a human being. Each holds within itself the perfect pattern which, when fulfilled, perfectly produces the form in its entirety.

Along the path of The Forming bits and pieces of the pattern may be left out. That is to say, a few spots may drop off the leopard's skin, or the human may grow only thirty teeth. The spots or the teeth are not lost merely forgotten. The path of The Forming is clearly mark­ed from the center to the point where the object realizes itself. At the point of self realization the object perceives the missing elements and may desire to have those elements as a part of what it is. It then becomes a simple task to retrace the steps and pick up the elements left behind.  After all, the perfect pattern exists at the core of the object/being.

To take this trend from the abstract to the concrete, let us look at the human being and its perfect pattern. A human being is endowed at creation with everything it needs to produce the perfect human form on planet earth. Yet we look around and the forms we see belie that statement. There are more misshapen appearances than they are well formed ones. Even those, who appear to be physically well formed, may have mental and or emotional defects.  Hardly anyone's view of perfection. But to take the tact that each holds within itself the elements of its own perfection, physically, mentally, and emotion­ally would suggest that the apparent defects are just forgotten elements; which can be re­­­­­­trieved at any given point along the way of The Forming.

Here’s the hope for those who feel they would perhaps need another lifetime with a better set of parents to improve upon what they see themselves as being now. It may be that the missing elements were left at the center of the formless portion of the self. In the joyous rush to take form, some of us left portions of our pattern behind in the formless source of ourselves. Those portions are safely held there, and can be retrieved by the simple act of remembering. The path called The Forming holds each forgotten element and offers it constantly with each thought of regret we hold.  Each time we rue a road not taken; we are really saying there is some­thing forgotten which will make this moment's experience perfect.  The path called The Forming offers the missing element. It is right here within the moment and the object.

Perfection is within the pattern of the individual's own core. Thus there is no ultimate perfection which will lead to everyone looking, thinking and feeling alike. Each individual's perfect Forming is different from every other individual's perfect Forming. Each unique and perfect. Oops there goes competition! There is no prize, no winning over another, because no two can be alike. Like the melting snowflake, we are each different. How then is perfection to be judged. Would it do to say it can not be judged, but it can be attained.  Perfection is not static, when once attained grows no more.  It is organic and lends itself to ever becom­ing. This discussion, though, was about the forgotten elements of our perfect pattern.

As we each begin to remember what it is we left behind in our rush to take on form; we begin to acknowledge the Divine within ourselves and grow to love ourselves more.  With a new and perfecting appreciation for who we are, we are freed from the restrictions we have placed upon ourselves. The glorious day is fast approaching when we accept our­selves as we are and leap upward to the perfection pattern we knew at the core of our beings; the perfect human being. Then it is that we will begin to take care of our world with humility and love and nurture our­selves with the grace we deserve.