Friday, January 8, 2016

Extreme Grace

This is a period of extreme grace. Any human being can step away from their past mis-creations with a thought. They, our mis-creations, are not all powerful. They are the energy we used to be less than we are. The truth is they are our own energy and can be reformed in an instant. Our collective belief says we must experience the consequences of our actions. And as we believe so it is for us.  

With extreme grace, we are now able to transform all that energy into the highest good for all. But here is the snag, we may not presume to know from the level of our egos  how that good is to appear. What we can know with absolute certainty is there are other beings serving the Light who have a more complete picture than we do. They are ready, willing and able to assist us in the transforming process. Think of them as angels. What they are called is not half as important as the act of calling them.

When we call on those with a wider perspective than we do we are extending our reach to heal more than we know. We are very powerful beings with enormous power we can deploy with our thoughts and feelings. Because we are not aware of all the good we can do does not excuse us from beginning right where we are. So I exhort you to call on those you trust; be they angels, guides, ascended masters or your own higher self. Make a call and help to change the world.

The Time Is Now.  Let us begin.