Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Nine Year Cycles

I am mulling over a new book. Not the one I am editing now, A Second Slice. This is a brand new book; one which I did not know  I was going to write until two days ago . Here’s how that happened. As I was going off to sleep on New Year’s Eve the thought popped in my mind that 2016 is a nine year. That is to say to sum of the numbers in the year equals nine. I read a couple of books on numerology, and everything I know claims that nine is the number of completion. Then an attending thought came saying my age adds up to nine as well. Something is afoot.

I was born in a nine year. I did a little math; adding nine to the year of my birth to find out what my next nine year was. An continued that exercise until the year 2016. I noticed a pattern. Every nine year starting with my birth had significance in my life. I got up and went down, got up again all in the ninth year. So nine years are significant in my ongoing quest to return home to love.

I will be speaking about it in further post as I have an entire year to figure it out.

I bequeath you love.