Monday, January 25, 2016

Playing at the Edge of Self

Yesterday I was watching the Australian Open tennis match when the great guru Martina Navratilova, tennis legend, said the following about a player about to take the court. “She has to play at the edge of herself.”  I know a life changing truth when I hear one; and I get my metaphysics from everywhere. So I knew immediately that what she had said was true of life and had to be taken into my conscious as a working premise.

What does it mean to live at the edge of the know self? To me it means knowing there is no limit to who I am; that what I know now about myself is only a very small portion of all that I am. To expand my consciousness into the vast realms of possibility that is open to every human being. I have to live at the leading edge of what I know and do now. I fully embrace the open ended nature of reality, and enlarge my edge each and every day. As the edges expand I am more loving, more peaceful, more grateful, and more available than I was the day before. My edge is organic and every growing. In order for me to complete my potential for this incarnation the edge of me must move at a steady pace. I must play at the very edge and watch it become a new, more vibrant and enticing edge with every passing day.

Oh yes, today I play at the edge of me. 

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