Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Today I bring a wider understanding to my world than I had before. Today I begin live anew. Today I choose peace, joy, happiness and I do not have to test that choice with seeming disappointments. Today I know I am one with the vast Universe of infinite potential. Today I fulfill my potential by living joyfully within each moment and extending love to all whom I contact. Today I rise and shine for light has come to my waiting mind. Today the energy of expectancy and plenty burst forth from me to me in joyful gladness.  Love is the signature with which it is stamped. Today is the day which was made for me; I now rejoice and am glad in it. Today I stand still as the salvation of Love Most High is made manifest upon a waiting world. Today I go home in consciousness and there abide forever. Today I see not appearance but truth, and am fortified round about by angels and love. Today I inhabit a world of plenty.

As I choose the world of light as my reality, I sense within me tenderness for myself and my kind which is new. It looks upon me in love; and holds me very close within the heart of the Power I call God. The shadows that would blur my vision melt away; my choice for life stands pure and clean. I choose love with all my soul’s volition. Love chosen comes flowing into my awareness; seeks to let me know it is my nature. I choose joy and angels shout from ages past when I was known as joy. They call my name and the sound rings out into eternity as my song. The notes of my song are liquid testimonies to the active presence of love within my world. I choose peace and the presence of peace pervades my world, clothing me in safety.

Today I am blessed.