Monday, January 11, 2016


As a specie we have embraced an arrogance which informs us we are the epitome of God’s creation. Furthermore we believe this small sphere, on which we are living a physical experience, is the only inhabited planet in the Universe. Additionally, we believe that a small minority of us have the only key to enter the kingdom of God. It almost leaves me ashamed to think the prevailing consciousness of this planet is so exclusionary; and somehow I am a party to such restrictive thinking. Whether it is by excluding myself, or excluding others, every exclusionary thought I have adds to the store of such thoughts; holding us apart from the joining, which is our collective destiny.

We are designed to think of ourselves as unique. That is because we are. There is an infinite variety of us; no two of us are exactly alike. Because we are not alike does not mean we are not equal; nor does it mean we are not united in a unity which makes us into a whole being. What our uniqueness says is – God, in infinite wisdom and joy expressed Itself in as many ways as there are people on this planet. We are not now talking about other planets and the other beings inhabiting those planets; even those planets, which we in our narrow definition of life, say are uninhabitable. Merely looking at a cross section of humanity we are awed by the variety which exists on this planet. That alone is sufficient evidence to take us into the arms of a waiting God!

Let us arise and go HOME!