Monday, February 8, 2016

Finding Purpose

There is much ado concerning finding one’s purpose. There classes, seminars, workshops and teachings galore on how to find one’s purpose. The underlying premise behind much of the teaching on this topic is there is a specific purpose for everyone in incarnation. I agree. There is only one purpose; and it is the same for everyone. How can you say that? There are folks destined to be teachers, architects, layers, mothers, army captains, chefs, actors, dancers, poets, priests and every other endeavor you can name. Surely it cannot be implied that these disparate occupation hold the same purpose.

Yes I can, and I do. One’s earthly occupation has nothing in reality to do with one’s purpose. The purpose of everyone on the face of the earth is to be the THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. What? Yes, the inestimable, ineffable, unquenchable, eternal light that peels away the darkness of the dream of separation; revealing the truth that there is only one being on this planet. Indeed, there is only purpose and it is to shine away the darkness.

Today let us breathe and shine thus fulfilling our purpose.