Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Scratchy Patch

I am in the throes of a very rough patch at this time. This rather scratchy patch consists of several events colliding at the same time. There is a scheduled eye surgery, several medical tests which require that someone drive me to do them, and a crush of financial obligations beyond the scope of my income. My guides and teachers are very crafty; when there appears to be an urgent need for their presence, they are mysteriously silent. They however prompt me to find my own solutions to whatever challenge by planting a thought in my consciousness that plagues me until I arrive at the answers appropriate for the occasion. It has always been thus.

The thought planted this time is a song from The Sound of Music, which I have watched a million times. Not the whole score but a particular song. One line kept repeating over and over whenever I paused from whatever I was doing, up it would pop. I broke down and visited YouTube to hear the entire song. It spoke to me of confidence. I have been down this road before. Not the particular circumstance, but have faced adversity and am still here. What was I to take away to see me through this scratchy patch. Confidence.

The confidence that the love which saw me through all the other scratchy patches is still here is what I need now. That love has never failed to be the underpinning of my life and will cause me to flourish even when it appears I am wilting.

So today “I have confidence in confidence alone: beside which you see, I have confidence in me.”