Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Things Are Much Brighter

The surgery on the right eye to remove the cataract went well yesterday. The difference is almost immediately apparent. The colors are brighter and I can see almost everything without the glasses. Truth is the glasses make everything blurry as the prescription is not right for my new vision.

I marvel at the difference as the screens, both television and computer, has much sharper images. The edges of the words I am typing now are clean and complete and appear larger than they did before. This vision correction is wonderful. The doctor assured me that as the new lenses settle in, my vision will continue to improve. 

The effect reminds me of how a change in consciousness works. We alter our perception of events our lives change. We may not have wonderful events to report, but our lives change. We begin to see patterns that we had not seen before; we develop a greater appreciation for the small changes as they become manifest in our experience. We are different.

 Sometimes those around us do not notice the changes, but they react to us on a more elevated level. Some with whom we were close may drift away; while new connections emerge within our circle. All these things may occur, or nothing outward may occur; but once we have changed our perception we change our entire lives. 

It is wonderful to know that this onward and upward progress is available to us each and every day as we begin to see more clearly.

Vision is a wonderful thing.