Friday, June 10, 2016

My Body

My body, driven by the ego, wants to be the center of things. In order for me to remain on this planet, I need the body. Therefore I give credence to everything it says. As with most earthlings, I tend to listen to my body only when it causes an uproar which interrupts what I am doing; in other words, when it hurts. Every once in a while, I remember to give attention to it aside from the normal feeding, washing and sheltering; which are the basic minimum requirements for all bodies. I maintain this attention for a few days and my body responds with great joy and corporation. Then, since everything seems to be going well, I lapse into forgetfulness. When this occurs the body screams with minor or major maladies.

I am indeed grateful for this body and how perfectly it performs most of the time. It has taken me wherever I wanted to go, without protest. The feet hurt only when they are placed in uncomfortable shoes. It demands more rest than is considered normal; but that too is good. I will listen to its need for rest before it becomes so tired it has to rest for long periods in order to recover. This body has been the most willing of servants to every whim I could conceive of. It has also brought to my consciousness every pleasure I’ve had; since it holds the receptacles of perception, known as the five senses. It is a most noble instrument. The uncaring manner with which I’ve treated it at times will cease. It deserves the best I can give it.

In conjunction with all living things my body thrives on attention and performs much better when it has an audience. I am now its audience. Truth is I have always been its audience; and will give it the accolades it deserves.

Thanks, body, for being so faithful, in spite of all I’ve put you through.