Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Continuing Moment

This now is bright, luminous and secure. Fear is forbidden in now. Joy is the hallmark of the attention I give to myself this very now! Now my questions are replete with their answers; I know only fulfillment. This instant stands glowing before my eyes; eternally holding all my possibilities. It brings the knowing that 'there is truth and I am that truth' as my gift from life.  I stand resurrected with new life; a phoenix with no ashes; a plume of light where once I saw darkness.

As I gathered my atoms eons ago; I knew this moment would be. This is the moment for which I’ve planned and worked and prayed. How do I live this moment? From my physical perspective, the moment I started discussing has passed. I the eternal being hold this moment sacred within the holy bosom of my being forever. The ceaseless ebb and flow of the eternal ocean of love maintains this moment as a bright shining star within the body I’ve come to call God. This moment fills my heart with such wonder and joy; it leaves me catching my breath. Within the glories of this moment, worlds are born, angels sing and light streams unhindered everywhere.
I hold myself dear, very dear, and the moment takes voice and rejoices. There are no conceivable circumstance that can deny this moment its glory. The moment is both active and passive; filled with the essence of love. The ocean within this moment and the moment enfold the ocean of conscious love.

I am this eternal moment.