Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I found this letter I wrote December 31, 1996

Dear God:

This year has been one of great challenge for me. Yet I find that my level of trust has grown. It is time for a review as well as to lay out the expectations that are in my heart of have a solid framework in which to view the New Year. I am truly grateful for this time on this earth. It is a wonderful life, and although there have been the appearance of lock of material progress; it has been a fruitful life. I know somewhere deep within my soul that Spirit, the motive force behind everything, is striving to be more tangible within my world for the upcoming year. I trust that I will be willing to  hear and respond to the call to come up higher. I do so want to stay in the consciousness of your presence at all times.

As I observe myself shift into a new paradigm, I do know that the hand of love is on my life. I trust that what has been evolving the past month or so with the personal work will continue to expand. I know that I approach this work with as much honesty as I understand and with a great willingness to serve the Kingdom of Light. I honor all the decisions that have brought me to this moment and all the Holiness within my soul to continue to guide and bless me.

I do want material blessings in 1997, and know even now that these blessings are mine; therefore I give thanks for every manifestation of your love in my life and the life of my friends. I accept the increasing material manifestations of money, car, new dwelling and the expansion of the work that I snow being revealed to me.

My prayer for the planet is the striving toward the Light, by so many, be strengthened, and that more of the world’s population find peace and prosperity. Bless the president of this country and the leaders of all countries. May destiny be kind to those who lead us and those who follow. May a new sense of brotherhood prevail upon this planet and may the Christ come in His fullness within the heart of mankind. May the love which brought us here continue to lead us into more humane interactions and the Light which shone in the beginning shine even more brilliantly in the hearts of men.

Father/Mother/God I surrender all of me to you and accept guidance and blessing this new year.