Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Rocking Chair Part 5

When the pregnancy came she was not frightened. After living with the horror stories told by most of the older women she had known as a girl; she had expected pregnancy to be a frightening time. But instead there had been an anticipatory peace that made the waiting a joy. The nine months of the bearing Evelyn remembered living as a learning growing situation. She watched her breast grow larger, her nails and hair grow into a luster they never before had. She blossomed. Her external glow reflected the transformation she was experiencing internally.
The conversations had started in the third month of the bearing. At first she had not been sure. It seemed a thought would swim into her mind in a voice she had not recognized as her own thought voice. The very first thought was unformed and vague; like a soft substance floating around the edges of her consciousness. It had left her with appositive feelings. Nothing tangible was its cause; it was simply a warm and comforting feeling of being in her perfect place.
Evelyn opened her eyes and noted her surroundings; it never ceased to comfort her being here in her grandmother’s house. The house and yard held so many memories of her grandmother, her sisters and the various and sundry folks that threaded through her childhood. That is another journey she reminded herself, and shut out the late summer afternoon by closing her eyes once more. Rocking slowly Evelyn resumed her path through her recent history. The vagueness had gone out of the new voice after a couple of weeks. She began to understand the images that were presented to her mind. She had regulated her diet to eat only one meal per day in the early evenings at the urging of the new thought voice. After eating she would take long walks. She would return to the house and again read from the book and discuss what she had read with Aama.