Monday, January 18, 2010

A Case For Appreciation

I did not know I needed a friend. I've lived alone for most of my adult life and have become pretty ingrained in my ways. I do not look on the way I do things as the 'right' way because no one was there to challenge the way I do them. And to tell the truth, I seldom feel lonely, although I spend most of my time alone.

Recently, I've been noticing how energized I'd become after being with people. I become so energetic that often, after being with people, I'd come home and do chores that were posponed for days. Yet I did not equate that with needing a friend, a certain kind of friend. Then I met Peta Gaye. She is from California and recently moved here to Georgia. She is a much younger woman than I,  and one would think we would have very little in common. but ah, there is much for me to learn.

Peta Gaye is wise beyond her years, industrous, innovative and just plain smart. When we converse, mostly by phone, she has common sense and practical solutions to situations real or imagined. She is so understanding, all without attempting to compare my situation with hers, although there are areas of simularity. In the short weeks that I've known her, she has become a key figure in my world.

Yesterday we went to see a movie together. The movie was wonderful, but that is not the theme here. The theme is how very grateful I am for having such a mature soul in my life at this time. The Universe who cares for all the inhabitants within it, knew I needed a friend and placed Peta Gaye within my circle of souls. Thank you Peta Gaye for being where the Universe needed you to be.

For that most wonderful of gifts, true friendship, I am so very, very grateful.