Monday, September 5, 2011

Bye and Bye When The morning...

The song from my childhood grabbed hold of my memory and would not let go. It ran over and over like the scratch in an old vinyl record would; that repeating sound that would impel you to move the needle. I’d be in the kitchen hand full of soap, listening to the record player in the living room, when it would hit a scratch and repeat the same notes over and over for what seemed like an eternity before I’d dry my hands and get to it to nudge it over a notch past the repeating notes. That’s how the song was, repeating and repeating, so I knew it wanted to say something more than the words were saying on the surface. I used to believe the story being retold by those lyrics. I no longer hold as true the teaching and yearning which informed the repeating song. Yet here I was singing it and swaying to its rhythms as I moved about the house. That song, a derelict from the past I’d thought I’d release so very long ago, was running and running through my mind.

I know how to change thoughts, replace the one with another more to my liking, more akin to what I believe now. Heck, I even taught classes on how to change perennial thinking. I chose not to do that with this song. Its tenets are the polar opposite of my growing belief that the soul is responsible for my life. I have come to a place where I know that knowledge is available; and there is never a need to postpone, even for an instant, what can be done now. What was the song asking me to examine and grow through? I’ll get to the bottom of this at once.

The first line from the repeating song is: “Bye and bye when the morning comes…” The morning has come! Now is the dawn of the brand new day the song was anticipating when I sang it in church in my youth. The morning is here with a day so bright all the sleepers are awakening from our age’s long slumber. For this glorious dawn human kind has worked, prayed, hoped and anticipated for eons. We are there now. That golden glow on the horizon is the long awaited dawn. While humanity slept the sun of love has been cresting the curves within our collective and individual consciousness and it is here. The rays so full of love covers us with a warmth we’ve not experienced before. Yes, yes indeed, the morning is, and there is no need for the hope of a bye and bye. We are here in the morning’s bright, everlasting and enlivening light.

The next line is most intriguing. It says: “when all the saints of God are gathered round…”  Meaning, the morning is the time to gather in droves and greet the new dawn. The morning is, now we are to make full use of the day light and create and construct the lasting beauty of peace we hoped would come with the dawn. No more do we have to stumble in the half light of ignorance, we can stand fully erect, clothed in love’s light and proclaim with one voice, ‘we are awake at last!’ The gatherings are taking place all over the world, in small and large groups. Around books and in silent meditation, in front of television and listening to lectures, messages, words of encouragement  and simple prayer, trough internet chat rooms and cyber communities, we the awakening ones are gathering. Oh yes, all the saints are gathered, and gathering, to proclaim the dawn. Celebrating that dawn while creating the future of peace and loving kindness, we know is possible in the morning we knew would come and is now here.
The third line, “we will tell the story of how we’ve overcome…” oh yes, we’ve overcome; and we must begin to tell the stories of our great overcoming. We’ve traveled a long path to this particular dawn. The videos of our great feats  are in the Akashic record. But the stories contained in those videos are worth telling. We must tell our stories to remind ourselves, encourage fellow saints and awaken those still in the throes of the earth sleep. We’ve overcome a great inertia to get to this dawn. We overcame the constant pulling on our consciousness that could have caused us to stumble. Indeed sometimes it did, but we got up and walked our path, even when we were not sure we’d live to see the dawn. Relish and delight in the dawn, it is our creation and we deserve every gift the dawn holds for us. We must tell our stories over and over until the collective consciousness is full of the triumphs we’ve experienced, influencing the sleepers to arise and overcome.

The fourth and last line of the song says, “We’ll understand it better bye and bye.” Let us be clear, we understand it now. We know what this time in our collective history is all about. We, as light bearers, know and understand the importance of every thought, every deed and every smile. We are a little timid about owning such awesome knowingness, as we think this will set us apart for our community and perhaps land us in the insane asylum. That is part of the fear based mentality we are here to dispel. Our knowingness and understanding is exactly what the world needs at this juncture. We do not have to wait for the ‘sweet bye and bye’ to be the masters we are. Nothing can hinder or prevent our growing power. We already are this great power, and lingering longer in the throes of ignorance is not becoming of who we are.

Whenever you find yourself thinking thoughts of postponement; know with your entire being that there is no need to postpone transformation. You are already transformed, and the outer manifestation in the physical world is the last piece to slip into the puzzle. All that overcoming is paying off big the dividends of peace, love, kindness and great joy. I know the outer world is giving a different picture right now; but the truth always prevails. We have come a long way and are at the point of the grand transformation. No more of that  ‘bye and bye’. Here and now we are finished with the seeking, the plodding processes of becoming; and we gladly accept our transformation. Yes, and holy yes, we are living in the days the ‘bye and bye’ song told us would be. Give copious thanks to yourself and the Prime Creator who set all of this grandeur and elegance into motion. Let us sing a new song for his new and glorious day.