Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Asking

I used to think asking was simply saying the words. Something akin to setting an intention by saying, “I intend” or a more intense intention, “I truly intend.” Now I am beginning to understand that asking holds a finer level than I’d understood before. Words are lovely and play a part, a vital part, in the manifestation of the object being sought by the asking. They help clarify within the mind the object for which the asking is being done, and provide a foundation for the imagination to create the vessel which to fill the object. Thus most of the time ‘creative visualization’ provides the results desired. Often, however, those results are incomplete and leave room for even more asking.
There are times, however, when asking is so very perfunctory that a less balanced Universe would mock the asker. Those are the times when the asker molds the request from the clay of what is expected, rather than a deep desire to fulfill potential. Such requests are rarely fulfilled. For asking to be granted the basic premise must be to fulfill potential and expand experience. In other words, this request must the asker a broader perspective on what being human means. As human beings, we are merely at the edges of our potential, and in no way nearing its fullness. The master teacher, Jesus, used stories to illustrate the heights to which humans may go in the exploration of self. The stories he used about asking were of people pestering until their desires were met. He gave two or three such examples.

What is the content of the ultimate request that grants to the asker instant or near instant manifestation? Pure desire implies that the inclusion of anything other than the object is not considered. Pure desire comes from the untapped potential within the asker and bears in its garments the fulfillment of that desire. Pure desire is all consuming and is so very powerful it brooks no interference from anything or anyone in its fulfillment. It permeates the very air and draws from the vast resources within the human potential that its achievement is a foregone conclusion. Humans often do not use this powerful resource; instead ask for that which can be achieved by exertion from the physical self. Bound as humans are by what is known, they remain unaware of the pure desire of potential lurking just beneath the specious requests made with simple asking.

When we feel the urge to ask of the Universe for the manifestation of a desire, it may behoove us to look within the request to find the vast untapped potential seeking form. When we touch that potential, asking and fulfillment becomes one and the request is granted. There is not exertion needed, pressure and straining are not necessary. It becomes as easy as breathing to fulfill the desires of our hearts, simply by asking. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” That is the statement with which the master teacher opened the stories about how to ask. May all our asking ring true and align with our most powerful potential.