Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shall We Dance?

                                                         (Photo by Joe Masel via Wikimedia Commons)

The song wakes each morning and lulls me to sleep at night. It is a simple song learned in childhood and hadn’t crossed my mind in years. I’d not heard it and simply enjoyed the melody in my mind and sometimes sing out loud the words to no one in particular. It persists whenever my mind leaves an appointed task, or a conversation or any lull in pointed activity. The words are “howdy do my partner, howdy do today, shall we dance in the circle? Let me show you the way.”  That is all there is to the song

As children we would gather in any available open space hold hands and sing and dance to that with mirth and joy as only children can. We would laugh at the ones who were awkward and rejoice over the bold and daring child who came up with unique steps. Yes a child’s song replete with grown implications. 

This morning the wider meaning came along with the song, its originator. I am truly grateful for the deeper dive into the world of children. The opening line is a greeting “Howdy do,” informal a greeting spoken to a friend, a class mate, one’s peers. “My partner.” Is someone with whom there is a connection; someone with a past connection, shared experiences. “My partner.” A beloved and trusted being that needs no explanation for the invitation to dance, is my partner. My partner is a friend throughout the entirety of this current journey and perhaps many others.
The idea of intimacy and congruency that no other holds comes with the words “my partner.” Being partners allows both of us to gain ground on the precious journey we’d undertaken.

The invitation, “shall we in the circle” implies that the way to progress is to dance within the circle of safety and grace. How can I resist? To dance, to express the latent joy of being, to embrace the movement congruent with the earth the stars the self, for this moment I’ve waited and longed. How can I not dance, whirl with complete abandon and live? I do not have to know how the steps are ordered, what great choreographer had designed the dance. My partner knows and is willing to show me the way. My partner’s words are the assurance that the steps will be perfect and suited to the dance. My dance, my partner, my soul the way is clear for all this to be done. Oh, my joy is full

I am the dance, the circle, the song, the child within the circle created by love to enlarge this grand moment and me.