Monday, October 21, 2013

Peace Part 2

I seek within the realms of Peace for he who is called the Prince of Peace. He answers my search with the voice of loving assurance saying; ‘I am with you always, even in the midst of anger and fright.’ He wraps me with the gentle carefulness within the bright garments of his heart light and speaks words of Peace to anxious soul. He said: “this moment I give you the Peace you knew in the beginning, when your only consciousness was that of oneness and light.”

Sheltered within the love of my brother and friend, I experience anew the boundless love of my Creator God. The cresting anger, which loomed so large as to almost overwhelm my world, begins its transformation before my opened mind. It reveals for my knowing the seat of the frustration which started its onslaught. The idea of oneness became distorted into a need for conformity. The warmth from Peace teaches me that to be joined it is not necessary to be alike. Being joined is to honor the bonds of love and give respect to the different. The differences speak not of separation, but of the beauty of the diversity which fills the wide universe.

The Peace of me rests within the secure spaces of the all and is undisturbed by the activities of that which is already formed. It was present at my birth, silencing the very first cry I uttered. It was present as I entered school for the very first time, calming the fears of leaving the familiar. Peace walked within the years of insecurity when I stood between the worlds of childhood and womanhood. It cradled my motions when I strove to adjust to places where my presence was not always welcomed. Peace was the monitor as I begun what I’ve come to call my path, and even now sheds it great light upon the steps I take.