Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A worthy cleaning sevice

During the incident (aka cancer) which started in November of last year until now, I have not been able to clean my apartment. Not that I'd clean much before, but the bare minimum was beyond my strength. The social worker from the treatment center told me that they would be able to help me with the cleaning. She sent an request to Cleaning for a Purpose. They are a clearing house who contact local cleaning service who come out. Well I hit the jackpot.

The company who took my case is TruLux Organic Cleaning Company a locally based small company headed by the most beautiful young woman who came herself with an assistant. My bathroom is sparkling. There is not a speck of dust anywhere in this apartment. The kitchen is squeaky clean and the dishes from breakfast was washed. I did not expect that! TruLux Organic Cleaning Company used organic cleaning materials and aroma therapy materials. They gave me a gift of an aroma therapy candle. Which I will not light as I am keeping it for a keep sake.

All during the incident I have been shown love and caring mostly from my family and my church family.  I'm looking at you my three "Ds" Deborah, Diane and Dee.The staff at the cancer center were  very kind and understanding as well. Even when I had my now famous meltdown they supported me.  But today's action from seeming strangers was superb. It is a blessing out of the blue. The two young women from TruLux did not just clean my apartment. but gave me a true boost. The energy has changed. The place smalls fresh and I am ecstatic.  Thank you Jay and Lindsey!! What more could the loving universe have in store for me this beautiful day? My heart is full. I am abounding with creative energy and LOVE!!!

I am so very grateful to the social workers Megan and Erin. Yes I have two of them. Erin provided the initial support as I entered Chemo Therapy, and Megan was the cause of TruLux coming into my experience. I am truly blessed and the love and caring of the universe for me is ever so apparent. Thank you with all of my heart Loving Universal Parent.