Sunday, July 19, 2015

Daemons to Conquer

Partial List of Daemons

1        The Judge, Jury and Executioner - used to punish.
2        The Rule Keeper - holder of most the should(s).
3        The Good Mother - hover and tries to protect everyone.
4        The Good Father - must always provide no matter what.
5        The Monk - prefers to live in caves but come out to act spiritual.
6        The Martyr - always like to sacrifice to prove how holy it is.
7        The Sophisticate - knows the proper way to eat and drink.
8        The Philanthropist - gives whether or not it is prudent.

Quote:          "You are more than conquerors through Him who Loves you."                   Christian Bible
Within each one of us lives many personas, many influences, any one of which can create grace or havoc in our lives. When grace blooms in our lives, we hardly ever pay much attention. When havoc reigns we begin our search for answers. The obvious is rarely ever the answer. When the first blush of an answer to life’s questions is accepted as the solution, havoc (which could be capitalized) may slink away in order to return with grace on its arm.  But if the first, or even the second blush, is not the answer, then behind the havoc is a daemon. It has only gone underneath to change its face.  It will resurface, and resurface until the daemon causing the havoc has been conquered.   

These daemons live deep within our consciousness in the home of cause, exerting their influence on how our lives turn out. They are extremely obedient to the law of Cause and Effect. They have great parties with much enjoyment every time we encounter one of the effects they caused behind our backs. Secretly, though, their greatest desire is to be conquered so that they can enjoy the role they were designed to perform. They were designed to be servants of the Higher Self, but usurped that authority a long, long time ago and now act as though they are the masters of our destinies.

I have identified some of the daemons I’ve met and somewhat tamed. It is not an exhaustive list, but it will provide food for thought and hopefully start you on the road to finding and conquering your own daemons.  Because progress is always personal, each human being must at some point in the career of being human get to the stage where the limits encountered in life must be conquered and then begin to live in an unlimited fashion.  Because it has not been done by anyone we know does not make it impossible; all that makes it is a goal.  Being unlimited means having a strong healthy body in which to do anything one wants to do, while staying on the path of harmlessness. That is to say, doing no harm to any creature while satisfying the desires of one’s heart.

We are our own knights in shining armor.