Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I am

When Moses encountered the “burning bush” in the wilderness, he asked it who it was. He asked the question after the speaking burning bush told him to go free the slaves in Egypt. First of all you or I would have high tailed it away from the fire, or at least when from words started coming from the fire. We would have known better than to stay and have a conversation. But let us say that Moses was brave and he held a conversation with something not have human form. Okay!

I am granting that he spoke to something. I am also granting that that something told who it was. What I am not granting is the reporting as told in the Bible. The exact quote from the bush in that book is “I am That I am. Here is the exact quote from the King James Version, And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.Even my online grammar checker does not agree with that. But I have more qualms than that.

The quote makes that a single statement of being. I say it is two very distinct statements. First “I am” that is to say I exist. The second “That I am.” That is to say everything that you can think of, or  imagine, or wonder about, that I am. So you see there should have been a period following the first two words. The second part of the statement speaks of inclusivity. Nothing is exempt from being included within the Great I Am. We cannot refer to the Great Creator as being All That Is and leave anything out. All That Is means everything is included within It.

But how could a benevolent being include all the ugliness we observe in our world, and read about in history. It said “I Am That.” This being which I call Love includes everything. What it did was give us the ability to change what was not working for us. Alas, we have abdicated that awesome responsibility; preferring instead to give it to someone else. You can find an appropriate name for that someone. But know this, you and I and everyone on the planet are responsible for all of what we experience. It is time we grow up and accept our responsibility and change what is not working for the whole of humanity. We can do this!