Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It Has To Drop (Part 2)

There are daily demands to be met. Demands which seems far from the spiritual solace we are seeking.  The bills that come regularly and must be paid, the sudden demand for time to be spent doing other than a preferred acitivity, the striving to be promoted, the trips to the grocery, laundry, dentist, vet, and good restaurant; the myriad and one different ways to spend time that on the surface seems far away from the quiet moments a growing spiritual awareness would demand. Where is a decent cave when it is sorely needed? How is one to progress along a spiritual path, when there are such good shows on television or that wonderful movie that will not be there next week? Add to all that, there are the social events and cultural gatherings to fill those Tuesday evenings, and Saturday mornings. What's a being to do? The whole thing boils down to the heart. What is in the heart to do? How does one know what is in the heart to do, and what if that something draws one away from the very moorings that is the main orbit of one's life?

It is as if we are standing on the brink of the vast unknown and plunging would mean certain transition, or perhaps change so drastic we would not know ourselves after it is done. Yet within there is the urge to take the plunge, go for it, lift off from the very edge of certainty and see what happens. Can we dare? Is it within us to move off this edge of uncertainty and into the beckoning arms of our dreams. I see it this way. 

We, all of humanity, are poised for a great change. All of evolution has brought us to this point, some are lagging behind, but most of us here are at the point when we must change. Our collective past, be that a day, a year, an age, or all of the billions of years the earth is said to have existed, lay behind us as a long road. Some of us can remember every step along that road, and then again to some of us we just became aware of the journey, yet here we are at the brink. We look back with some regrets, some nostalgia, some faint longing to keep the road as it were, but no it has ended and brought us squarely here at the brink of the vast unknown.
In certain circles there are those who predict what is on the other side of the brink.  Some say it is the fourth dimension, some say it most certainly is heaven, others maintain that it is the other place, and we had better stay where we are. But brinks call for decision.  One may not stand forever at a brink. The inherent nature of brinks is to precipitate action. One must leap over, fall in, or turn back.  Now that's a notion, turn back. There are many voices for that choice as well.  If we could just un-invent the computer, un-discover fire, or un-learn all our science and technolo­gy, grab a club and climb into the old cold cave, things would be perfect, they would be what they were.  Then we look back to see if indeed it may not be possible to turn back, and lo and behold there is no back to go, the way is clogged by those making their way to our brink, which will then become their brink in the blink of an eye.  At this rate we will all be standing at the same brink attempting to make the choice for progress or retrogres­sion. 
(Continued in Part 3)