Thursday, July 16, 2015

It Has to Drop (Part 3)

The prophets of doom tell us that the brink is the edge of a chasm too wide to leap, that it is the way of perdition. No plane may land there because there are too many of us, and the marines are among the rest of us standing at this brink.  Frantically we feel between our shoulder blades to see if wings may be growing, but all that's there are shoulder blades. The more progressive among us point to Jesus and his adroit solution to his brink problem, he ascended, and his buddy Elijah got himself a space ship to whisk him off the planet when he got to his brink. Then there are the rapture folks who know that from a cloud will come the solution, Jesus who went up will come with a host of angels and whisk them away, leaving the rabble at the brink to face certain destruction. Those with far vision see the land of promise just beyond the brink and are seeking solutions to cross the brink, which seems the truly human and humane think to do. This way across the brink will allow everyone to cross over. 

I have a solution. It is the road. What do I mean?  You see the road is not nailed down, or glued in such a way that it may not be moved. The road we all took to the brink is made of the type of materials, that may be remade into bridges.  Everyone has to participate.  It is truly simple. There is not just one road, but as many roads as there are folks standing at the brink.  Now the solution is this, everyone must look down their individual road, and begin to roll it up; just like one would do with a rug.  It will roll.  As we roll the road, we make this giant standing structure and it is light.  More about that light in a moment. Once the road is rolled, then for everyone at the brink their roll of road will be just the perfect size to span the brink to the other side. There is an other side.  With the road spanning the chasm, it is a simple matter of walking over to the other side, and leaving all this panic and fear behind at the brink. You see, the fear may not cross. Truth is while the road is being rolled the fear is being rolled up in it, and hate, and war, and anger, and resent­ment, and all the other ugly stuff that is keeping us at the brink. 

This brink is a most interesting place. It is nothing to be feared, although the other side is the totally unknown to us now. The brink is the very edge of our limitation, our sorrows, our pain. On the other side of this brink is our joy and our peace.  We have been standing at the brink looking over the chasm and dreaming, channeling, being filled with the Holy Spirit, praying, and generally having a good time.  On the other side is the divinity we are seeking through all of everything we have been doing.  But we must roll up that road.  In other words all the interesting phases we have passed along the way must be dissolved and the road rolling is one way of doing this. You see, once the road is rolled, there is no going back. There is no going back anyhow, but the rolling of the road, makes it an act we can understand for ourselves. Our divinity is our destiny and we must achieve it. Odd thing is once we achieve it, we will understand that we were standing in the very midst of it being only human.
(Continued in Part 4)