Monday, July 27, 2015

Linear Thoughts

My mind tends to leave a subject and take it up again days later, seemingly exactly where it had paused to pursue another thought. Now it desires to follow the thought of linear thinking. How thinking in a linear fashion may have brought the great technological wonders of our day, but has placed many screens between us and our true reality, which is divine. The progression of linear thought takes one in a straight line from point A to point B. However, there are seeming tangents that can be very fruitful and even enlightening which linear thoughts prohibit. My mind rather likes these tangents.

In our schools, which are some of the finest bastions of the social consciousness there are, we are enjoined to avoid what is termed fuzzy thinking. This is to say, get all the facts and lay them out in linear fashion to prove any given point.  I somewhere learned this, and this type of thought process aided me greatly in my former career. It carries over to some extent, yet for the life of me, my mind resists such action as the only way to handle thought. It may be enough to say that linear thinking excludes the big picture, the panoramic view which includes the Holy Creator, and the grand design for our planet and the universe.  Fuzzy thinking on the other hand gives the freedom to mix metaphors and concepts in order to arrive at conclusions that have not yet been proven. From fuzzy thinking have come many of our great invention, as fuzzy thinking leads directly into inspiration which linear thinking avoids like the plague.

In my usual fuzzy fashion, I was thinking about the recorded words of the Guru Master Person, Jesus The Christ, none of which he wrote down himself. And how taken out of the context of the stories in which they were recorded, they sound so powerful and true.  Then right in the middle of these thoughts, seemingly unrelated to them, were thoughts of my commitment to the light within me and everyone, plus some other thoughts about hair, fingernails, motorcars and lizards. (As an aside, I have becoming very fond of lizards lately, the one who sleeps on the plant by my door in particular.) Each and everyone of those thoughts pursued singularly in a linear fashion could lend many words.  But that is not the purpose. The purpose is show that all is within the wide range of what is acceptable in a universe so vast and varied, the salamander and the elephant may cohabit on one planet with man.

That puts us smack dab in the middle of the thought of the God who created us with a thought and sustains us with the same thought. That thought is love. The force of this love holds all matter, upholds the universe and brings the smile to a child's eyes at the sight of a butterfly. That is the love that is informing this very moment with grace. This great love is waiting with infinite patience for humanity to turn, with penitent eyes, to see the beauty and grace all around and within the smallest of activity. The odes have not yet been written to adequately define this love.  All the love songs that have ever been written and sung, merely skirts the edges of this vast and abiding love.  I am a part of this love, created in its very image, and breathe it with every breath I take. I am Love.