Saturday, July 18, 2015

Packages from Heaven

Everything we have, or want to have, we brought into this incarnation with us. Before we entered incarnation, we made packages stamped with our own timing, as to where in our journey of expansion, we will open them.They are all available now and making them physically manifest depends greatly upon our consciousness of what is possible.  We make different choices along the way about opening our packages. Some we open quite early in our development, and a few treasured ones we open late. We delay some of our experience for our own purposes even when we are not conscious of doing so. Our manifest destiny is of our own choosing from within the vast storehouse of the many mansions of our Ancestral Home.

It is taught that desire is from the Father, and we would not have a desire unless we also had the wherewithal to make that desire tangible within our physical world. Having embraced a socialization based in limitation, we do believe that some of our desires are too outlandish to be accomplished. With the belief in limitation, we fail to open the package in which the desired accomplishment lay waiting our specific intention to make it manifest. Sometimes though we throw off the common wisdom and go for our desires, astonishing ourselves with the ease and grace with which we accomplish them. That great ease comes from our packaging of those desires well before drawing breath.

The reason we are here, at this moment in eternity, is to defy common wisdom, do the unimaginable and changes the face of humanity. Although we may think that we are too small to accomplish such an awesome feat, but we are not small. We are not incompetent, nor are we simply human, we the grand sparks of the divine being we call God. Indeed we are the bodies designed by spirit to effect the change we are seeking. We brought with us into incarnation ALL the resources we need to do just that. We are extremely creative and very capable. You know the light that is said to be under a bushel, that's how we behave sometimes. Well we not only have that light, we are that very light. 

Shrug off the words of common wisdom you have learned at the feet of earthlings the words that say you are only human and can only do so much. Put aside all the mitigating notions of what is possible, and watch the potential within your breast, and that of humanity, become the reality we came to earth of establish. We are such powerful beings, that we have the great power to limit ourselves. We have explanations as to why we appear to be limited. These range from the physical to the psychological, but none of these speak to the truth of our grandeur or our greatness. So great are we that we can establish peace right now. I know that seems to be all but impossible considering the state humanity appear to be in. I also know that state is self created by humanity itself. So who else to un-create it but the grand beings who comprise humanity

Let us open our packages, release the awesome power of our great creativity and do that which we came here to do, that is: make peace on earth and goodwill toward all. We are the ones.