Tuesday, July 28, 2015


You see I did not create myself.  That may come as a surprise to most people, as because of our absolute conformance to the social consciousness, there are a lot of folks who think they created themselves. Those who have this opinion live lives having no impact or meaning outside of themselves. That is one of the biggest lies there ever will be. It is the lie which says we were separate from each other and the force that created us.  I for one am very glad that I did not create myself, but have the opportunity to express the Creator’s perfect creation in my everyday life. That is the gift of free will. I can express as much, or as little, of my Divine Nature as I choose. Well brother, I am choosing to express all of it and in this incarnation, to boot!

There is an absolute plan for each of us to fulfill. That plan holds the blueprint for a perfecting planet and perfecting the beings upon that planet. We call that perfecting planet paradise, and all of us want to go there. But it is not there, it is here!  We, each and everyone of us, have a part of the plan. None of us hold the whole plan, but must cooperate with each other, and the plan, in order for it to unfold in its utter perfection. We have stayed in the dark, looking for saviors for eons. To tell the truth the dark has become so comfortable, so familiar, we are wont to think we want to stay in it forever. 

There is a force within us, a spark of the primordial light, urging us to get out of our darkened rooms of limitation and pain, rush full blast into the light, creating paradise as we go. It is not impossible, and no one is coming here to do it for us. Along with the gratitude for this truth, there is a sense of urgency within me as well. This urgency wishes to share with everyone the contentment, the gratitude, and the journey out of the darkness into the glorious light of Love, Peace, Joy and God, where our Divinity will find full its expression.

Come on hurry up!