Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Self Acceptance

We became the persons we are today by the choices we made up until this very moment. All those choices were made with incomplete knowledge of our roles in human affairs. Some of them were made based on limited acceptance of ourselves. In other words, self acceptance loaded with caveats and reservations. How can I say that?  Because you see, self acceptance is seldom taught to human children. Often as small children we are taught, by the adults in our lives and our peers, that who we are is not exactly equal to our moments. Those inadequacies, which were so readily apparent to them, were told to us amid jokes, jeers, teasing, sneers or insults. With these seeming failings etched within our impressionable awareness, we more often than not decline the opportunity to accept our whole selves. That is why a reminder to accept our entire self is important every now and then.
Why is self acceptance important?

Firstly, when we do not accept ourselves completely, we leave the door open for those with whom we interact to treat us with a degree of disdain. Any treatment which causes us to mistrust our humanity and the dignity of who we are, distances us from our best selves. Thus it becomes a re-enforcing circle, leading us further and further away from our grand and beautiful selves.  The further we get from our core self the more unhappiness we experience in our moments. We call this unhappiness by many names, but it all boils down to not accepting who we are in any given moment.
How we change this and become more self accepting is the thrust of this article. We begin with the simple act of awareness. We are often totally unaware of how harshly we judge ourselves. We must become more aware of the thoughts and feelings that are critical and judgmental of ourselves. For example, when we pass a mirror do we think how fat we are, or how drably dressed we are? That can be a pivot moment!  We can choose to become aware of those thoughts and instead of shrugging them off, thereby accepting those judgments; we can move our awareness to another aspect of our selves. One we prefer to have instead. One that lifts us up to where we belong.

We remind ourselves that we have bodies, we are not merely bodies. Indeed we are much more than our bodies. Another of those mindless things we do is to compare ourselves with others. Often we do not fare very well in such comparisons. To change this we have to remember our uniqueness. There is no one human being that is like another, except in the most superficial sense. As such a unique and wonderful creature, we do not need to compare or be compared.
Allow me to remind you of who you are. You are a creature made in your own mold. You came here on the earth to effect change in the consciousness of humanity. No small task that. However, you are fully qualified to make these changes. You have been trained for eons for this very moment. Your being here on earth at this time is no accident. It was you divine choice to be here and to assist with the transformation of human consciousness. You are much more than your thoughts, your body, your mind, your list of accomplishments, your possessions or anything else you could name.

You are a Divine Being with control over your life and the destiny you came to earth to fulfill. You are strong, beautiful, capable, elegant, brilliant, accomplished, fearless, bold, and over everything else wise. Is that not a person you can accept with all your of heart and soul. So accept you, warts and all. In the eyes of the One Source, your Creator, you are totally and completely acceptable.
I bequeath you LOVE.