Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Catherdral of Peace

I sit inside the cathedral of myself, and the sacred peace of a holy universe streams in on my consciousness as warmth. I approach the holy inner sanctuary were eternal peace dwells and behold the eyes of my brother, my sister and myself. We embrace in a merging oneness, expanding beyond every known confine into the great peace held within our love. My sister, my brother and I stretch beyond ourselves into a song of peace. This song is echoed by angels, given to humming birds to whisper softly to daffodils, thrilling the wings of bees with honey. The meadows and the dales of the wide earth take up the lingering strain of peace, bouncing it against the hills and mountains forever. The sweet murmuring of peace is heard by the stars above my head, with each twinkle they make an increasing anthem that is added to make a crescendo of peace, of joy for the ages to inhabit.

New metaphors for the presence of peace arise within each moment to enhance my awareness of the peace that dwells serenely within my bosom as love. Old men dream dreams of peace, and the study given to making war is forgotten; a distant memory melting like fog in the early morning light. Young women draw babies to their breast, suckling them on the milk of peace flowing sweetly from within them. The peace I am is filled with the abundance of love; giving of itself with every breath, making my moments a song, lifting my soul into the everlasting arms of love. This great peace merges my solitariness into the allness of my Creator God. 

Ensconced within this all embracing peace, my heart rejoices and the little honey bee gives me food to maintain my fullness. The hush of the ages settle in and around me, as with quiet confidence I enter the heart of the silence and know myself forever as everlasting peace. I am come to bring peace to a deserving world. My joy is boundless. I rest in the peace, the love of the one who made me to live peace. Yes indeed I am Peace!