Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Child's Delight

The past few days I seem to be doing an unwitting life review. Snippets of the life I have lived to this point appear in my conscious mind at odd moments. These then draw me into whole segments of experience that I had not thought about in years. The interesting feature, these excursions have, is how far back the memories reach, and their contents are concerned mostly with the joyful experiences I have had.  

As I was writing that, the memory of an afternoon in my childhood just presented itself. It occurred one day after school. I was on my way home with the usual rowdy bunch that forms when school lets out. I found a mango. Right there on the side of the road, up a slight embankment that led to someone's yard, I found this mango. Now that I think about it must have just fallen off the tree planted near the fence.  Mangoes do not stay on the ground very long on that particular road, as almost everyone in Jamaica are overly fond of mangoes.  Unhesitatingly, I bit into it. Forget about washing the fruit, there was no knowledge of germs in the small child that I was. That was one of the sweetest mangoes I have every had, and I have had plenty.  I did not share even a bite with those with whom I was walking. I had allowed them to go on ahead of me and my mango. So I joyfully ate the mango all by myself.
Such moments of extreme joy brought on by simple pleasures keep surfacing in my conscious­ness with such intensity that I know my inner spirit is calling me to focus on the joys of this current experience. I must lay aside that which I find less than pleasing and focus on joy. I am grateful for the call, as the social consciousness is intent on keeping me, and all of humanity, focused on what we do not have, where we have not been, how we have not lived and all the other seeming lacks we can dream up; when the abundance of a generous universe is at our disposal to enjoy in every moment.  

Yesterday was such a joy, and I was about to let it slip into memory without acknowl­edging the pleasures I had. All my activities were accom­plished without a hitch, and presented me here now, in this moment, a more balanced being. Yesterday is a gift from the Father of Lights, as is today and every day. The Great Creator's extreme pleasure is to have His children experi­ence sublime joy.  Why do we muddle around in the darkness, when there is so much light for us to enjoy?

Today I enjoy!